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Utilizing the Microsoft stack, including .NET, C#, Visual Studio, SQL Server, and more, we create or enhance any application for any purpose for any industry.

Custom Development

Many applications are process intensive and require more horsepower than may be provided by a client browser or application server, or require more user interaction than is feasible on the web. Custom software comes to the rescue, whether with older desktop applications, newer WPF applications, or services between software components.

No matter the need, we can help you solve your business problems efficiently through custom software that you can help design.

Web and Mobile Development

.NET with Xamarin enables development of mobile and IoT applications that run on all platforms with one code base. jQuery, Bootstrap, Knockout, Angular, and other JavaScript libraries enable smooth web development and responsive designs that appear correctly on any platform or screen size.

We also offer native Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile app development services for higher levels of smartphone and tablet integration.

Past Clients/Projects

MatHTML (Internet Media Development)
A code and WYSIWYG HTML editing tool supporting all HTML specifications of the time and adopted mainly by educational institutions.
TurboBill (The Back and Joint Clinic)
A complete medical office management suite including automated claim submission, automated clinical documentation writer, pluggable clinic-specific components, and more.
ManageNetWeb (Toyota Motor Sales; Microsoft Consulting Services)
A network discovery, monitoring, analysis, and management system similar to Microsoft Operations Manager.
SCIPS (SourceCorp)
SourceCorp Image Processing System - a distributed image scanning, cleanup, OCR, and missing-data entry system supporting dynamic updates via scripted components, various compliance standards and mechanisms such as HIPAA, and lightening fast image storage and retrieval.
PCS (SourceCorp)
Production Control System - an internal web application for managing all clients, images, image metadata, user metrics, and more used in conjunction with SCIPS, though applicable to other data-heavy industries via pluggable components.
PowerZone (Ambit Energy; MARCS, Inc.)
A public web application for sales consultants to manage leads, clients, down-line sales consultants, and more, including to sell electricity to new customers.
MC Planning (FirstSouthwest; Slalom Consulting)
An industry-specific subscription web application for digesting accounting files, providing analysis, managing assets, and more.
I/O Replatform (Performant Corp.; Architecting Innovation)
A distributed service-bus system for digesting various files and processing various known file types, such as healthcare claim files, and loan and payment files.

Current Projects

A software development kit with classes, extensions, templates, and more to make .NET development faster, easier, and more efficient.
MARCS Parsing System
A simple, yet powerful set of classes and extensions for digesting any fixed-width, delimited, or XML file into strongly-typed custom classes.
An online, subscription-based API service to integrate the MARCS Parsing System into any application written in any language on any platform.
Desktop and mobile applications for playing MP3+CDG karaoke files for great fun with friends or for running a professional karaoke setup in public venues.
A mobile application for reading and writing On-Board Diagnostic information in modern vehicles.

Our People

Matthew A. Roberts
President/Principal Consultant