About - MARCS, Inc.

MARCS, Inc. was formed in 2008 by Matthew Aaron Roberts, along with investments from family, to provide high-quality, low-cost consulting and software solutions to businesses of all sizes. Whether custom desktop, custom web, public web, mobile, or backend, our services run the full stack and follow industry-standard SDLC best practices such as Agile/Scrum/Kanbaan, and more.

Requirements gathering, business analysis, system architecture and diagramming, software design, template development, code development, integration, testing, and deployment are just a few of the processes included in our flexible and customizable SDLC workflow. Further, our processes can simply be replaced by existing processes while still adhering to SDLC methodologies.

All industries benefit from technology in one way or another, from the most complex businesses to those who employ only manual labor. In any case, our solutions help organizations get the most out of their resources, human and otherwise, through custom software or customized packages.

Notable industries we have helped include: